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Welcome to Iridescent Beauty Cosmetics. 

It's a pleasure to present to you beauty cosmetics that can give you the desired look that makes you even more of baddie.

My name is Kaneisha Stewart, founder and CEO of Iridescent Beauty Cosmetics. The name represents sparkle or a beautiful light, with using these make up products it bringing out more of your inner beauty. When using these products you are meant to stand out and be the center of attention.

Iridescent Beauty Cosmetics provides Mink lashes, IBC babe Lip Lush, and IBC Babe Palette. The IBC Babe Lip Lush gives many beautiful pigments that sets off your make up look and are vegan and cruelty free. The Mink Lashes are different sizes, and lengths that frames your eyes perfectly giving you a POPPIN look. The IBC Beauty palette gives the right amount of dramatic flare to give you the perfect outing look desired, that pieces the whole look together.

Iridescent Beauty Cosmetics become more than a thought on in January of 2021.

I have always wanted to be a boss and help others around me but could not figure out in what way. One thing that I struggled with when buying lip gloss was trying to find ones that did not give me a allergic reaction to them. Tired of wasting my money on lip glosses, IBC was put in effect to help baddies like me get the pigmented colors for a perfect look and not worry about the breaking out. While sitting at home watching a YouTube prank video an idea popped in my head, not being able to shake the thoughts and ideas an adventure started. Through the blood, sweat, and tears invested into this business I am more than happy to be of service from one Beauty Babe to another.

CEO​~ Kaneisha Stewart

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